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There are several very rewarding ½ day, day and multi-day hikes on Haines’s Junction doorstep.  The Park’s Canada Information Center located in the Da Kų Cultural Centre can provide details, information and maps on all of them.

Dezadeash River Trail is a 3.5 km easy walking trail with interpretive signage that takes you along the river’s edge through wetland and into the forest to a viewing platform overlooking the river valley

Auriol Trail is perfect for the more energetic!  This 15 km trail provides a close up look of the St.Elias Mountains and offers great views of Haines Junction.  The trailhead is located 7km south of town on the Haines Highway.

The King’s Throne is truly a majestic site when viewed from the shores of Kathleen Lake. The 15km hike looks as if you would need to be a mountaineer with ropes to climb it – but in reality it is not that bad, and is indeed a popular day hike. The views of the surrounding valleys and Kathleen Lake are absolutely breathtaking.

Walking and Hiking in Haines Junction

Kluane National Park

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